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A gift a day from 1st to 24th December.

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Designer, Nahoko Koyama



APRIL 2012

On my way to Milan (for Salone Furniture Fair), I stopped by Venice.

Always amazing to visit the wonder town on the water. It was only one-night stay, but my friend and I managed to have plenty of seafood dishes… And what’s more beautiful, we found a shop in this labyrinth filled with antique treasures.

We saw the shop window at night when the shop was closed. Then returned in next morning to check what else do they have inside the shop.

These are 2 items I could not leave without them.

Murano Glass bottle
Technik used:
zanfirico (filigrana)
aventurine – with threads of gold

I fell in love with the combination of gentle colours and these twisted patterns called “Ballotini” or “zanfirico”. According the shop owner, this was made in 1930s. He also said these gentle colours can be found only with vintage glasses. Nowadays stronger and more vivid colours are used.

Glass Brooch
Technik used:

About 40mm across.
He didn’t tell us much about this item. I think it is incredibly detailed and simply, beautiful.

MARCH 2012

I’ve returned to Sweden to pick up my plates – I won on tradera (Swedish eBay).

Of course, I did look around charity shops in Linkoping, Norrikoping, Orebro and Eskilstuna. Here are some of ‘treasures’ I found there.

A file of cross stitch and embroidery patterns:

A pretty vintage dish:

Very delicate square doily (only 5 SEK / 0.45 GBP!)

And I found a plate came from Japan!
On the back of the plate, the mark says, “Dai-Nippon, Kumagaya made”. The world “Dai-Nippon” (=Great Japan) shows this was made in pre-war period.

I shall come back to Sweden to spend more time in Libraries to study about Swedish knitting and embroidery. …maybe before their long winder arrives.


From 7th to 11th February 2012, NOA will be taking part of Designboom Mart at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

We are taking 2 of new designs!!

If you happened to be in Stockholm, please stop by.



Felt camera cases

It was a bright day in January. I have’ve done some photo shoots – including all these colours of Felt Camera Cases. I should be adding colour options on my online shop – though Black is yet my fabourite!



Delight lampshades have been popular over this AW season. We have dispatched 102 Delight lampshades since this Autumn!

This pile will be our last dispatch before Christmas.

It has been quite tough time catching up with these lampshades orders along with the high demands of fashion accessories.

Many many thanks for choosing our design.
We hope you all enjoy them for a long time.

* Merry Christmas * and * A Happy New Year *


I took a small tour at Royal Opera House during lunch break with my super assistant who works at its costume department.

Tons of fancy dresses, for both opera and ballet.
Layers of tutus are piled up:

Some dresses were originally from Birmingham Royal Ballet, now owned by Royal Opera House. This dress had been tagged twice:

Familiar costumes from Swan Lake. The swan princess and the black swan:

Also, from Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s costume:

Then the lilac fairy:

Just found a youtube video talking about this costume!

Such a huge amount of stock… never ending fitting, altering, re-sizing, amending… I am still overwhelmed.